41 Usefull Mozila Firefox Mouse and Keybord Shortcut Keys


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To chliye jaante hai shortcut keys ke bare me Aajkal computer to sabke pass hota h or jyadater log internet bhi use me lete hai is post me main aapko Mozila Firefox ki kuch shortcut keys ke bare me btane ja raha hu jisse aapke kaam me aasani ho sake. Jis kaam ko karne me aapko jyada time lagta hai ya jo work aap 10-15 click par karte hai. in keys ki help se ya inka use karke aap us work ko 1 click me kar sakte hai ya keyboard ki 1-2 keys se kar sakte hai Ye keys aapke liye bahut hi important hai in shortcut keys ke jriye aap aasani se Mozila firefox ko access kar sakte hai.

Mozila firefox mouse & sortcuts keys

Mozila firefox ki shortcut keys Mouse shortcut keys :

1. Double-click (on a word) -> select the word
2. Triple-click ->Select entire line
3. Wheel click ->Activate the smoth scrolling
4. Hold ctrl + scroll wheel forword -> increase font size
5. Hold ctrl+ scroll wheel backword -> decrease font size
6. Click one point then hold shift & click another create a selectionfrom the two points

Keyboard shortcut keys

1. F1 -> new tab
2. F5 -> Refresh
3. F6 – Move focus to adress bar
4. F11 – Toggle on/off full screen mode
5. Alt+ (left arrow) Go back on history ,same pass backspace
6. alt + (right arrow) Go forword on history
7. ctrl +a -> select all text
8. ctrl + b -> favorites
9. ctrl + c -> copy selected word
10. ctrl + d -> add the current page to favorates
11. ctrl + E -> search panal
12. ctrl + f -> find
13. ctrl + H -> toggle history panal
14. ctrl + i -> toggle favorets panal
15. ctrl + j -> download
16. ctrl + N -> open new window
17. ctrl + P -> print current page
18. ctrl + R -> refresh same as f5
19. ctrl + t -> new tab
20. Esc -> stop loading page
21. ctrl + enter -> complete a url adress .
Example -> type rkbbusiness in the adress bar and press ctrl + enter to get http://www.hindimejane.com
22. shift + enter -> complete a .net instead of a .com address
23. ctrl + shift + enter -> complete a .org adress
24. ctrl + tab -> cycle throught open tabs.
25. ctrl + j -> open or close download window
26. ctrl + h -> show or hide browsing history
27. ctrl + L -> open location
28. ctrl + o -> open file
29. ctrl + shift + del. -> clear private data (menu)
30. alt + e -> open edit menu
31. alt+v -> open history menu
32. alt+ s -> open history menu
33. alt+ b -> open bookmark menu
34. alt + t -> open tools menu
35. alt + h -> open help menu

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